We recommend to book and pay in advance. If you are quarantined or you feel ill, we recommend you cancel your booking by phone without extra fees. Certain permit services can be handled by representative. More information available in Ajovarma customer service, tel. 075 323 9999. We recommend that everyone visiting Ajovarma will bring a facial mask and wears it during the driving test and in our offices if they get crowded. Please, keep also a reasonable safe distance in our offices.

Ajovarma Ranua

Teeritie 5, 97700 Ranua
Customer service phone 075 3239999

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Opening hours of offices and services

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Today Tue 7.12. Wed 8.12. Thu 9.12. Fri 10.12. Sat 11.12. Sun 12.12.
Driver examinations (cars and lorries)
Receiving permit applications

Lupa-ja ajokoepäivät Ranualla: 

Torstai 21.10.2021

Torstai 18.11.2021

Torstai 9.12.2021

Näinä päivinä lupapalvelu- ja teoriakoeajat ovat avoinna klo: 9.00-11.30

Ajokokeita otetaan vastaan klo: 12.00-15.00

Ensisijaisesti palvelemme ajan varanneet

Suosittelemme vahvasti maskin käyttöä!


Ajovarma Ranua

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Driver examinations (cars and lorries)
Receiving permit applications