Instructions for appointment

Are you looking for guidelines for booking? You can find them here.

Take following actions

When arriving to the office follow signs and directions. Ajovarma and A-Katsastus serve in same premises in nearly hundred locations.

Arrive in time so that you have time to fill an application before the appointment.

If you have booked an appointment, you will be called by name. You do not need a queueing number.

When handing out your first driving licence application make sure you have these with you:

  • medical certificate or young person's health certificate
  • 2 passport photographs
  • photo ID card
  • driving licence application fee 40 euro

Also note that you need to have an identification card and E100 form filled for certain parts when coming to the theory test.


Necessary safety gear for category AM/120 driving test

  • Road traffic approved safety helmet with apropriate fastening
  • Driving goggles if needed
  • Jacket and trousers, gloves and boots suitable for driving a moped and adding safety

Necessary safety gear for categories A1,  A2 and A handling and driving tests

  • Road traffic approved safety helmet
  • Driving goggles if necessary
  • Motorcycling trousers with enhanced protection at the knees or leather motorcycling trousers
  • Motorcycling jacket with enhanced protection at the elbows and shoulders or leather motorcycling jacket
  • Motorcycling gloves with protectors or leather gloves
  • Driving boots need to be strudy with protectors