We recommend to book and pay in advance. If you are quarantined or you feel ill, we recommend you cancel your booking by phone without extra fees. Certain permit services can be handled by representative. More information available in Ajovarma customer service, tel. 075 323 9999. We recommend bringing a facial mask and wearing it during the driving test.

Ajovarma Oy in a nutshell

Ajovarma Oy is a company specialising in driving examinations and permit services. Ajovarma is part of A-Katsastus Group and is a contractual partner of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. We have operations throughout Finland.

Ajovarma Oy

Ajovarma provides diverse services related to driving examinations and various licences and permits required in road traffic to private individuals.

Ajovarma Oy belongs to the A-Katsastus Group and has operations throughout Finland. We provide drivers' examinations in approximately 110 service facilities, which are mostly located within inspection stations. Additionally from 1st of January 2016 on we have started to handle various licences and permits at our offices.
Ajovarma offices

Ajovarma's operations aim at improving road safety. We i.a. ensure that our customers have the required information and skills before that start operating vehicles independently and safely.

Ajovarma services

  • Acceptance of theoretical and driving tests within the scope of driving examination operations and associated tasks
  • Acceptance of driving permit tests for dangerous goods and associated tasks
  • Granting tachograph cards (driver and corporate cards) and associated tasks
  • Supervision of driving permit education for dangerous goods, driver teaching and training tracks
  • Acceptance of professional qualification tests, registration of professional qualification education, granting professional qualification cards, supervision of professional qualification education, and associated tasks
  • Organisation of testing events for professional drivers and supervision of professional driver education
  • Handling of various licences and permits required in road traffic to private individuals

Our partner is Traficom

Our contractual partner is the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. Among other things, Traficom ensures that the teaching you receive from a driving school is of good quality and, at the same time, that the vehicle you drive meets safety regulations and environmental requirements. Traficom's experts are also involved in preparatory work for regulations both at the EU and national level.

At Traficom’s web site you can find a comprehensive information package about road traffic issues, e.g. registration, taxation and various licences.
Read more: Traficom's web site (Transport > Road)