In matters concerning driving licences or permit services, please, book time as we serve by pre-booking only. Changes in opening hours may occur. Please, check the opening hours from the Offices -page. Due to corona pandemic if you are over 70 years old, in the high-risk group or you feel ill or unwell, we recommend you cancel your booking by phone without extra fees. Please, note also that there are long queues for driving and handling tests in some areas. We recommend that all students participating a driving test or an oral theory test will bring a facial mask and wear it during the test!


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Traficom's pages contain information on what changed in road traffic when the new Road Traffic Act entered into force on 1 June 2020. More content will be added over the course of the year. Follow Traficom's communications on social media with the hashtag #tieliikennelaki2020. 

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