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Professional drivers: remember to apply for a qualification card in time

The professional qualifications of many lorry drivers will expire in early September. To avoid queues and delays, please apply for a new qualification card as soon as possible. Before applying for a new card, you must have completed the required periodic training.

The requirement for the professional qualification of lorry drivers entered into force on 10 September 2009. The qualification is valid for five years at a time, and it is once again time for many drivers to revalidate their qualification cards.  The professional qualification requirement applies to all drivers of heavy-duty vehicles.

You can apply for a new qualification card or revalidate a qualification endorsement on your driving licence at Ajovarma service points. It is best to book an appointment. You will receive the new card by post.

Periodic training required every five years

To maintain your professional qualification, you must complete five days of periodic training during five years. All training days must be completed before applying for a new qualification card.

Qualification training can be largely tailored to your own interests, and training themes cover a wide range of aspects concerning the work and life of a professional driver. Periodic training is a good opportunity to learn new things and take courses that deepen your previous skills and knowledge or introduce new topics.

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