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Driving test stories

Ajovarma - Tutkinnon vastaanottajaWe have gathered here short stories about successful driving tests, picked among the feedback from the driving students.


”The examiner relieved my fear for the test by chatting along about other things. Otherwise I would have messed up the test because of the stress."

"The driving test was not so long and tormenting as I thought it would be… Most of the mistakes are made because of the stress."

"The examiner was a pleasant person, clear speaker and professional in all ways. His presence helped me to reduce stress. I was in a good mood for the whole day!"

"The lovely examiner for B-class licence made this nervous young woman calm down totally and pass the driving test!"

"The calming presence of the examiner made me relax as well. Before the test I was super nervous, but the test itself went nice and smooth."

"Clear instructions from the beginning until the end helped to pass the driving test."

"I was absolutely terrified before the driving test. However, the fear decreased really a lot after the test started, thanks to the examiner. He was a sunny person, who made me calm down and do my best. So thank you! :)"

"I was afraid of the test more than anything for a long time, but it was not the end of the world. And luckily I passed!"

"A driving test is an exciting situation even for an experienced driver, especially if the vehicle combination is not familiar. I had dreadful thoughts about a painstakingly pedantic and humourless examiner, who would try to find every little reason to make me fail. But it was not like that at all. Next to me sat a real person, who was a true professional and easy to talk with. He did not try to play God with my test. Therefore I forgot to be nervous and succeeded to concentrate on the essential things - and I passed!"

"It was nice to pass the driving examination, because even though I was extremely stressed the examiner managed to ease my nerves by talking this and that along the way."

"The examinator was nice and chatted about other things, so I forgot I was doing the the driving test."

"The examiner was really pleasant and laid-back."

"The driving examination was a very practical test. The examiner is a pro. Suitably challenging test for a beginner." 

"The examiner was an easygoing person indeed, not strict at all! :D"

"The examiner was kind and fair. He looked at the big picture and let me pass, even though I goofed a few times. :)"